Review by Willard Manus

Good news for all you writers and poets, librarians and students out there. The 41st annual edition/2005-2006 edition of the above-named reference book has just been published by Dustbooks ($37.95 and is available in bookstores or from Dustbooks, POB 100, Paradise, CA 95967; call toll-free 800-477-6110,

The INTERNATIONAL DIRECTORY gives readers the single largest and most up-to-date collection of small press and magazine information available in the world. Each listing offers a thumbnail description of the periodical and its editorial needs. Also listed are names of editors and publishers, prices, discounts and other important details.

Here is a smaple listing. "March Street Press (see also Parting Gifts), Robert Bixby, 3413 Wilshire Drive, Greensboro, NC 27408-2923, www. 1988. Poetry, fiction. 'Currently reading. I hope to publish at least 3 books of poetry and one book of short sories per year. Reading fee: $20.' avg. press run 50. Pub'd 15 titles; expects 15 titles 2005, 15 titles 2006. Discounts; write. 40pp. Reporting time: 2-3 months. Payment: 10 free copies, 15% of sales. Does not copyright for author. Subjects: fiction, poetry."

Dustbooks also publishes The Directory of Poetry Publishers, Directory of Editors & Publishers, Small Press Review/Small Magazine Review and Small Press Information Library.