BOOK REVIEW by Willard Manus

Greek mythology comes alive for pre-teen kids in two gorgeously illustrated books, THE INCREDIBLE VOYAGE OF ULYSSES and THE FATE OF ACHILLES (Getty Publications). Bimba Landmann not only authored both of these books but was also responsible for the artwork which dramatizes things in graphic-novel fashion.

ACHILLES runs 32 pages and is based on Homer's Iliad and other stories of ancient Greece. The text follows the fortunes of Achilles, the "prodigious being" whose destiny would be tied to that of Troy. Raised by the centaur Chiron, he goes on to battle the Trojans and win victory for Greece and eternal glory for himself.

ULYSSES was inspired by another of Homer's epic tales, this one dealing with the adventures "of a simple man at the mercy of the Gods, the sea, giants, monsters, nymphs and enchantresses." Landmann confides that "this is my version of this odyssey, the eternal metaphor for every person's life."

Weaving quotes from Homer into the profusion of brightly-colored illustrations which fill the book's sixty pages, Landmann has scored a triumph with ULYSSES. It is, quite simply, an educational and entertaining read.