LOS ANGELES-- STRANGE ATTRACTORS, the latest dance work by the Stephen Petronio Company, will take center stage at UCLA, Dec 12-13 at 8 pm. Petronio, who "Dance Magazine" called "one of the most thoughtful and
lyrically inventive choreographers of his generation," will introduce the world premiere live performance of STRANGE ATTRACTORS, which features a score for piano and strings by Michael Nyman and his band, plus a second score by British underground composer James Lavelle.

The work explores "the highly-charged shift between order and chaos, as
mercurial groups of dancers splash across the stage, leaving compelling
solos and duets in their wake."

There will be post-performance discussions. Call (310) 825- 2101 or fax
(310) 206-7540.

NEW YORK-- An unnamed American Ballet Theatre dancer has filed a
sexual-harassment complaint against assistant artistic director David
Richardson. The suit was filed with the New York State Division of
Human Rights.

The complaint charged that Richardson behaved in a sexually inappropriate way around male dancers. According to the complaint, Richardson subjected the plaintiff "to a sexually harrassing, hostile and retaliatory environment" in which the dancer's refusal to respond to Richardson's sexual overtures led to his subsequent dismissal.

Richardson and other ABT executives denied the charges and claimed the
dancer's dismissal was based on artistic merit. The dancer's claim was
"wholly without merit," they insisted.

Fifty-six ABT dancers, however, signed a petition stating that the dancer, who had been with ABT since 1995, excelled artistically and was terminated solely in retaliation for his complaint of sexual harassment. The ABT is investigating the case and has promised to take "appropriate" action.

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