News November/December 2012:



Two important dance recitals will be held at Redcat (CalArts' Downtown Center for Contemporary Arts) this Fall. The West Coast premiere of THEM is scheduled for Nov. 15-18; it will be followed Dec. 14-15 by CAL ARTS WINTER DANCE, the centerpiece of which will be a restaging of Twyla Tharp's Torelli.

Tharp's 1971 ensemble piece follows the course of a day in the country as the dancers build improvisations to the Baroque elegance of Giuseppe Torelli's Concerto in D Minor. Also on the program are the premieres of new works by CalArts faculty Laurence Blake and Andre Tyson.

THEM, an incendiary work of dance theatre that premiered in 1986, won a coveted Bessie Award for "bringing an intensely visceral expression of male identity in the time of AIDS to life with beauty, power, conviction and passion." THEM was conceived and directed by Ishmael Houston-Jones with writer Dennis Cooper and composer Chris Cochrane.

Redcat is at 631 W. 2nd St. in L.A. For tickets and information call 213-237-2800 or visit

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