Lux Asterna Dance Company's 'Eponym'

Review by Mavis Manus

Theatre Raymond Kabbaz, the innovative performance space at Le Lycee Francais, recently presented Lux Aeterna Dance Company’s EPONYM, an explosive evening of dance and circus theatre.
The LA-based Lux Aeterna, founded and directed by pioneering break-dancer Jacob 'Kujo' Lyons, is known for its eclectic and powerful movement vocabulary. The award-winning company put on a two-hour recital that showcased five extraordinary dancers, plus a guest performance by Ricardo 'Boogie Frantick' Rodriguez, Jr.
Each of the dancers, whether male or female, showed astonishing strength, agility and daring while performing in three separate pieces, 'Catch Me If You Can’t,' 'Cannot Get Away' and 'Eponym,' all of which were choreographed by Lyons.

Utilizing techniques drawn from mime, street-dancing, gymnastics, classical ballet and acrobatics, the dancers did amazing things with their bodies, sometimes twisting themselves into convoluted shapes, other times grabbing hold of hoops and ropes and soaring above the stage in an ecstasy of free-flight. They also faced off against each other in games of courtship, showing a kind of sly, teasing sexuality which could also become passionate and even aggressive. Virtuosic is the adjective that best sums up the work of Lux Aeterna.
“The idea of presenting a local dance company had been on my mind for some time and, then, when I saw Luz Aeterna at the LA Dance Showcase during the Western Arts Alliance Conference, I was amazed,” said Pierre Leloup, Theatre Raymond Kabbaz’s director. “I knew Lux was a perfect fit for our multicultural/multidisciplinary program; Kujo’s inspiration is a brilliant mix of creativity and athleticism...his work is more than remarkable, it’s completely and utterly unique.”
Coming up in November/December at the Lycee are a concert by Ana Moura, the famed Portuguese Fado singer; a puppet show, '20,000 Leagues Under the Sea,' by Tears of Joy Theater; and a recital by Dakha Brakha, a world-music quartet from Kiev, Ukraine.
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