News September/October 2017:



The Broad Stage will present the VERSA-STYLE DANCE COMPANY on Saturday, Sept. 23 in two different recitals. The first, scheduled for 11 AM, will feature the hip-hop company in a family show. The history, development and foundation of hip-hop will be explored via lectures and audience motivation.

At 7.30 PM, the company will perform BOX OF HOPE, a recital aimed at pushing the boundaries of traditional hip-hop in order “to share the realities of their lives, experiences and struggles within the varied and infinitely complex political and personal landscapes of Los Angeles. The work creates new language to give voice and a platform to an urban demographic, and uplifts, inspires and leaves the audience with a sense of hope for the future.”

The L.A. Weekly called Versa “L.A.’s best dance troupe for hip-hop empowerment.”

(The Broad Stage, 1310 11th St., Santa Monica. Call 310-434-3200 or visit the


Matthew Bourne’s latest work, THE RED SHOES, will have its American premiere at the Ahmanson Theatre, September 16-October 1st. Adapted from the film by Michael Powell & Emeric Pressburger–-and from the fairy tale by Hans Christian Anderson–-THE RED SHOES is directed and choreographed by Bourne, and has a score by Bernard Herrman. It is presented by Center Theatre Group and Glorya Kaufman Presents Dance at the Music Center.

THE RED SHOES, based on a beloved fairy tale and an Academy Award-winning movie, has seduced audiences and inspired generations of dancers with its tale of obsession, possession and one girl’s dream to be the greatest dancer in the world.

Victoria Page lives to dance but her ambitions become a battleground between the two men who inspire her passion.

(Ahmanson Theatre, 135 N. Grand Ave. Call 213-972-4400 or visit


The L.A. Dance Project at The Wallis will kick off its 2017/2018 season with a recital by DORRANCE DANCE, Oct. 12-14.
Under the guidance of artistic director Michelle Dorrance, DORRANCE DANCE is known for connecting tap’s history to contemporary urban culture and infusing the art form with brilliant theatricality that is laced with cutting-edge humor.

“Myelination” premiered at New York City Center’s 2015 Fall for Dance Festival. The New York Times’ dance critic said, “Ms. Dorrance has choreographed a glittering closer that needs to have a second life. Please, someone, make that happen.”

Now The Wallis will fulfil that request. A new, fully extended version of “Myelination” with original live music will be performed, along with the rarely-seen Bessie Award-winning “Three to One,” and a revival of the whimsical “Jungle Blues.”

At the Wallis Annenburg Center for the Performing Arts, 9390 N. Santa Monica Blvd.. Beverly Hills. Call 310-746-4000 or visit

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