News May/June 2018:

Los Angeles News


BODYTRAFFIC, among LA’s most invigorating and thought-provoking contemporary dance companies, makes its Wallis debut in three evenings of compelling dance, featuring the world premiere of “A Million Voices,” set to Peggy Lee songs, by Matthew Neenan, former principal dancer of Pennsylvania Ballet and co-founder of BalletX. The recital will take place May 31-June 2 at The Wallis.

Also featured is an excerpt by Stijn Celis from “Fragile Dwellers,” dedicated to the homeless in L.A. and set to music by Arvo Part and Pierre Boulez. Additionally, the eclectic program includes “Beyond the Edge of the Frame,”by Sidra Bell, choreographed to “My Head is Slowly Exploding,” Perc’s debut album, “Wicker and Steel,” which synthesizes the worlds of design, fashion and spectatorship and explores the complexities of the human condition; “Georgie & Zalman” by Ohad Naharin, and Richard Siegal’s “o2Joy,” an exuberant homage to American jazz standards and the expression of joy set to music by Clark Terry, Oscar Peterson and Count Basie, among other jazz legends.

The company’s debut appearance at The Wallis celebrates BODYTRAFFIC’S 10th anniversary season and an international tour to more than twenty cities, including Moscow, St. Petersburg and The Hague.

Bram Goldsmith Theatre at Wallis Performing Arts Center, 9390 N. Santa Monica Blvd, Beverly Hills. Visit or call 310-746-4000.

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