May/June 2023 :

Winter Tale by J. S. Kierland

January/February 2023 :

Message From The Heartland by Willard Manus

November/December 2022:

The Shtarker by Willard Manus

September/October 2022:

Foreplay by Willard Manus

July/August 2022:

Le Soi-disant by J. M. Kessler

May/June 2022:

Sex In The Afternoon by Willard Manus

March/April 2022:

Fatima, My Fatima by Willard Manus

January/February 2022:

Out At Home by Willard Manus

November/December 2021:

Under The Spreading Chestnut Tree by Willard Manus

September/October 2021:

Love Under Aegean Skies by Willard Manus

July/August 2021:

Hello Grandpa/Hello Grandma by Willard Manus

May/June 2021:

A Sovereign Citizen by Willard Manus

March/April 2021:

Erotic Writing In The Greek Islands by Willard Manus

January/February 202 :

Willy Two Shoes by J. S. Kierland

November/December 2020:

The Actress And The Truckdriver by Willard Manus

September/October 2020:

The Greek Way by Willard Manus

May/June 2020:

The Night Beneath the Stars Above the Trees by J.M. Kessler

March/April 2020:

Antonia's Smile by J. S. Kierland

January/February 2020:

Scraper by Willard Manus

November/December 2019:

Milk Bath by Cheryl Gourgouris

September/October 2019:

The Corporation by J.S. Kierland

July/August 2019:

The Lady In Residence by J.M. Kessler

May/June 2019:

Unexpected Challenge by J.S. Kierland

March/April 2019:

Haunted by J.S. Kierland

January/February 2019:

To America by Cheryl Gougouris

November/December 2018:

Undergrowth by J.M. Kessler

September/October 2018:

The New Ho Dong by J.S. Kierland

July/August 2018:

Berries by Evelyn Duboff


Getting Into Trouble by Evelyn Duboff

May/June 2018:

Dividends by J.S. Kierland

March/April 2018:

The Spectacular View by J.M. Kessler

January/February 2018:

Dividends by J.S. Kierland

November/December 2017:

Blues For Copie by Willard Manus

September/October 2017:

Hello Central, Give Me Doctor Jazz by Willard Manus

July/August 2017:

Fellowship 18 (Or; It Takes a Village of Idiots) by J.M. Kessler

May/June 2017:

Empty Pockets by Dale Herd

March/April 2017:

Chairman Mao Comes To Hollywood by Willard Manus

January/February 2017:

Karma by Sidney Thompson

November/December 2016:

Those Were The Days, My Friend by Willard Manus

September/October 2016:

Trouble In Paradise by J.S. Kierland

July/August 2016:

The Poetry In The Forest by J.M. Kessler

March/April 2016:

Sweet Mystery Of Life by Willard Manus

January/February 2016:

Zapped! by Willard Manus

November/December 2015:

Mister Mother Goose by Willard Manus

September/October 2015:

Living Plastic by J.S. Kierland

July/August 2015:

Borders by J.S. Kierland

May/June 2015:

The Americano by Willard Manus

March/April 2015:

Sweet Mystery Of Life by Willard Manus

January/February 2015:

The Great Ratski by Robert Riche

November/December 2014:

The Red Ball by J.S. Kierland

September/October 2014:

Is God In Your Heart, Brother? by Robert Gardner
(Chapter 6 of his novel "Biko Lives")

July/August 2014:

Sex Stories of a Tarnished Virgin by Jim Inman

May/June 2014:

Borders by Joseph Kierland

March/April 2014:

Mission Accomplished by Robert Riche

January/February 2014:

When The World Was Young by Willard Manus

November/December 2013:

In The Time Of The Junta by J.S. Kierland

September/October 2013:

A Wedding On Skye by Willard Manus

July/August 2013:

Love, Bronx-Style by Willard Manus

May/June 2013:

Under The Cicadas by J.S. Kierland

March/April 2013:

Somebody Down There Wants To Kill Me by Willard Manus

January/ February 2013:

Cassidy by J.S. Kierland

November/December 2012:

The Blanket by Dorothy Sinclair

September/October 2012:

The Age Of Anxiety by Willard Manus

July/August 2012:

Space Case (Two Chapters) by Jarret Liotta

May/June 2012:

Market Rage by Evelyn Duboff


Vibrations by Evelyn Duboff

March/April 2012:

Moon Children (Part III of III) by J.S.Kierland

January/ February 2012:

Moon Children (Part II of III) by J.S.Kierland

November/December 2011:

Moon Children (Part I of III) by J.S.Kierland

September/October 2011:

R O B O T S by J.S.Kierland

July/August 2011:

The Exchange by Bonnie Weiss

May/June 2011:

How's David? by Guy Prevost

March/April 2011:

Saggittarius by Yale Udoff

January/February 2011:

A City Past, A City Present by Yale Udoff

November/December 2010:

The Fire Season by J.S.Kierland

September/October 2010:

... the kindness of strangers by J.S.Kierland

July/August 2010:

Fire by David Scott Milton

May/June 2010:

An Unidentified Man by George Constantin

March/April 2010:

Zandy by George Constantin

January/February 2010:

On A Cold And Frosty... by J.S.Kierland

November/December 2009:

Mavromichali by Sharon Rosner

September/October 2009:

Impossible Places by George Constantin

July/August 2009:

Psychotherapy by Sharon Rosner

May/June 2009 :

April Is A Good Month by Akrivoe Emmanouilides

March/April 2009 :

Sweet Nothings by Evelyn Duboff

January/February 2009 :

Love Under Aegean Skies by Willard Manus

November/December 2008 :

The Call by Willard Manus

September/October 2008 :

Temporary Insanity by Jarret Liotta

July/August 2008 :

Prosthetic Head by Marc Lengfield

May/June 2008 :

Eileen And Her Principles by Martin Tucker

March/April 2008 :

The Greenhorn by Arnold Charitan

January/February 2008 :

A Brother's Love by Martin Tucker

November/December 2007 :

Pale Surface Of Things by Janey Bennett

September/October 2007 :

Street Of Wounded Mercedes by Philip Daugherty

July/August 2007 :

Among These Shadows by Elaine Olsen Thompson

May/June 2007 :

Coming Full Circle At The Ritz by J.S. Kierland

March/April 2007 :

Futterbum by Robert Riche

January/February 2007 :

French Letters by Phillip Daughtry

November/December 2006 :

A Dog Called Leka, Chapter One by Willard Manus

September/October 2006 :

The Lesson by Irving Kronenberg

July/August 2006 :

The Way It Is by Willard Manus

May/June 2006 :

The Last Time I Went To The Movies by Ross Manus

March/April 2006 :

The Dybbuk Of Sputyen Duyvil by Joe Kierland

November/December 2005 :

The Wonderful -Mail Short Story by Ross Manus

September/October 2005 :

Tuba City by Joseph Scott Kierland

July/August 2005 :

The Gods Of War by Max Epstein

May/June 2005 :

The Will To Power by Elaine Olsen Thompson

March/April 2005 :

Family Values Short Story by Maxwell D. Epstein

January/February 2005 :

Finding Fossils by Elaine Olsen Thompson

November/December 2004 :

Passing Short Story by Joseph Scott Kierland

September/October 2004 :

Loose Change by Joseph Scott Kierland

July/August 2004 :

When The Sun Touches Me by Elaine Olsen Thompson

May/June 2004 :

The Ambiguity by David Ray

March/April 2004 :

BEATING THE ODDS Short Story by Joseph Scott Kierland



January/February 2004 :

GLIMPSES OF RUSSIA by Vladimir Orlov

November/December 2003:

THE MALE ANIMAL Short Story by Willard Manus

September/October 2003:

HAZEL AT THE BAR by Martin Tucker

July/August 2003:


May/June 2003:

MONSOON by Joseph Scott Kierland

March/April 2003:

LOVE NEVER DIES Short Story by Willard Manus

January/February 2003:

THE PIGSKIN RABBI - Chapter 1 by Willard Manus

November/December 2002:
September/October 2002:
DEEPWATER by Joseph Scott Kierland
July/August 2002:
WINNERS AND LOSERS Short Story by Willard Manus
May/June 2002:
DOROTHY S'ENGAGE' by Richard Watson
April 2002:
ABOUT THE AUTHOR by Craig Pettigrew
March 2002:
A QUICK KILL by Jospeh Scott Kierland
February 2002:
HAPPY by Bob Riche
January 2002:
STRANGERS IN PARADISE Short Story by Willard Manus
December 2001:
TOPLESS by Willard Manus
November 2001:
DEATH BEGINS IN THE COLON Short Story by Willard Manus
October 2001:
THE GODESS Short Story by Willard Manus
September 2001:
STOMPIN' AT THE SAVOY Short Story by Willard Manus