Movie Memories
FEATURE by Harriet Robbins

The Turner Classic Movie Channel is a wonderful source of nostalgia. Its September, 2004 program guide brought a surprise to me personally as it included a list of films that my twin brother, Hal E. Chester, acted in as part of a series that was an offshoot of the "Dead End Kids." The fifteen films reflected a period from 1940-43 and were released under the umbrella title of The Eastside Kids." No matter what the decade, boys will be boys.

What a treat for me and all others who hadn't seen these films. The event triggered memories of the fantastic movie life of my brother Hal, whose career in Hollywood ran on an inside track from the 1930s to the present. A bumpy and fabulous trip which I plan to share with you in LIVELY-ARTS.COM in the months to come.

Hal and I created a stir when we were born in 1921. Twins were a rarity then. While Hal went on to fame and fortune, I myself was never far from the same Hollywood environment, presently as a member of the Los Angeles Film Critics Association. There are stories to tell, for as we all know there is no business like show business. Hal's career reflects the good, the bad and the beautiful of it all.