Autism Uncensored
FEATURE BY Willard Manus

“We get lied to a lot.

“We were told that Saddam Hussein had ‘weapons of mass destruction.’ He didn’t.

“We were told by the Director of National Intelligence, William Clapper, that the National Security Agency did not willingly collect personal information on millions of Americans. They did.

“We have been told that there is no epidemic of autism and that the apparent increase in the prevalence of this condition is simply due to better diagnostic awareness and additionally to changes in the diagnostic criteria. That’s a falsehood.

“We have been assured that vaccines are quite safe and effective and rarely cause side effects. That isn’t true.

“And we have been repeatedly told by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (the CDC) that we don’t know what causes autism, but, they assure us, whatever it is isn’t vaccines or mercury, and that isn’t true either.

“It is the purpose of this book to expose the nefarious campaign of lies and misinformation regarding immunization safety and the known etiologies of autism and related disorders and likewise expose the errors, misinformation and yes, even fraud in the so-called ‘negative’ studies that purport to exonerate vaccinations and mercury as causative agents in these conditions.”

These are the opening paragraphs of AUTISM UNCENSORED–THE ETIOLOGY OF AUTISM SPECTRUM DISORDERS, a new book by Dr. Alan Schwartz, who is a retired, holistically-oriented family practitioner with extensive experience evaluating and successfully treating children with autism and autism spectrum disorders using the biomedical approach pioneered by the late Dr. Bernie Rimland.

Schwartz is a graduate of Cornell University and the State University of N.Y. Downstate Medical Center, and a former Associate Clinical Professor at the University of Kansas Medical School in Wichita.

AUTISM UNCENSORED is a 503-page book which covers in detail not only the overwhelming evidence implicating mercury, thimerosal, aluminum, and other toxic substances as key factors in fostering autism, but also many other environmental influences–such as genetically modified foods, gut organisms, and dietary inadequacies–that play a role as well.

It is no secret that the causes of autism have been hotly debated in recent times, with the powerful medical establishment–-the CDC, the American Academy of Pediatrics, the drug companies and the WHO–-taking on such independent figures as Dr Schwartz, Robert Kennedy, Jr., Congressmen Bill Posey, Carolyn Mahoney and Rand Paul. The David vs. Goliath battle is still being fought. The establishment continues to insist that the rise in autism in recent years has nothing to do with the tripling of vaccines given to children and the tripling of the preservative mercury within those vaccines.

The establishment also does all it can to attack and discredit those few brave souls who stand up to it, even as it “deliberately lies, manipulates and hides scientific data, and stifles beneficial legislation in order to support its own nefarious agenda,” Dr Schwartz charges.

AUTISM UNCENSORED is a muck-raking work, but it is never shrill, never hysterical. Dr Schwartz backs up every one of his charges and accusations with careful, detailed scientific research and analysis. Nor does he concentrate solely on vaccines as a possible cause of autism but looks at other factors like acetaminophen (Tylenol) for fever and pain, over-exposure to antibiotics, genetically-modified foods, and other toxics that promote allergies, inflammation, leaky gut and neurological impairments.

“Our children have been victims in recent years of a ‘perfect storm’ of toxic encounters and dietary inadequacies that have resulted in 1 out of 6 having a neuro-developmental disorder and 1 in 68 having autism or a related autism spectrum disorder,” Dr Schwartz writes.

“The ‘perfect storm’ of horrendous events and exposures is growing in strength, and the results are likely to be devastating. At today’s rate, by 2025, one in two children will be autistic,” he adds, quoting the MIT research scientist Stephanie Seneff.

“We need to start now to take appropriate steps to calm this malevolent storm or it may sweep us all away.”

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