News for September/October 2003:

Landmark Theatres has a new film club that is worth noting. Go to to learn how you can enjoy, via a weekly e-mail, exclusive conversations with filmmakers, invitations to free screenings, film listings and showtimes, contests, prizes and more.

Landmark's September attractions at its Nuart Theatre in L.A. include: Jacque Becker's famous crime movie, LOUCHEZ PAS AN GRISBI. Jean Gabin and Jeanne Moreau star in this freshly restored (and newly translated and subtitled) feature about a big heist that triggers a bloody gang war. If you love film noir, you won't want to miss this 35mm version of Becker's 1954 masterpiece. (Sept. 5-11).

From Sept. 12-18, the Nuart will offer Hong Kong director Cory Yuen's SO CLOSE, in which two formidable female gunmolls, armed with breathtaking skills in both martial arts and high-tech weaponry, do battle with an evil computer mogul.

Olivier Assayas' DEMONLOVER, a French thriller, will occupy the Sept. 19-25 slot. Starring Chloe Sevigny--" in one of her rangiest roles" (New York Times)-- the film delves into the sinister world of multi-nationals and computer crime (which includes "an interactive torture website"). Also featured are Charles Berling and Gina Gershon, plus a soundtrack by Jim O'Rourke and indie rock legends Sonic Youth.

Italian director Elio Petri's 1970 police drama, INVESTIGATION OF A CITIZEN ABOVE SUSPICION will run Sept. 26-Oct. 2. The brand-new 35mm print deals with a fascistic, mentally deranged police chief who murders his mistress, then plants evidence against himself to test his subordinates and prove he is "above suspicion." The film won a 1970 Academy Award in the foreign language category.

The Nuart's popular midnight shows include Mallrats, To Live and Die in L.A., The Breakfast Club and Reservoir Dogs and, of course, THE ROCKY HORROR SHOW.

The Nuart is at 11272 Santa Monica Blvd. Call (310) 478-6379.

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