News for March/April 2005:

LOS ANGELES -- THE MANY FACES OF BRUNO GANZ, a film retrospective of the quintessential European actor, is one of the Goethe Institut's spring highlights. The 10-part series will be screened March 1-31 at the Italian Cultural Institute (310-443-3250), with the participation of the Austrian and Swiss consulates.

Ganz was born in 1941 to a Swiss father and an Italian mother. By the early 60s he was already active on the German-speaking stage, but it wasn't until the mid 70s, when he costarred in Wim Wenders' The American Friend, that he commenced his film career. Today he is one of the most popular actors in Europe.

Critics have described his portrayal of Adolf Hitler in the upcoming film The Downfall as riveting and sensational. The Ganz retrospective at the Goethe includes Bread and Tulips, Behind Me, The Inventor, The Marquise of O, The Wild Duck, In the White City, Wings of Desire, Knife in the Head, The American Friend and Circle of Deceit.

The Goethe will also be screening several other films this spring as part of its OSTALGIA series dealing with life in the now-defunct German Democratic Republic. In addition to lectures and photography exhibitions, such features as That Was the GDR--I Was a Citizen of the GDR, No More Mr. Nice Guy, East Side Story, Sun Alley and Good Bye Lenin will be offered.

The Goethe recently unveiled its newly refurbished Media Lounge, which houses German dictionaries, encyclopedias and resource guides, plus various daily papers and periodicals covering opera, art, architecture, theater and film.

The Goethe Institut was founded in 1951 to promote a wider knowledge of the German language abroad and to foster cultural cooperation with other countries, organizing and supporting a wide range of intercultural activities in the arts and humanities. The organization operates worldwide with 144 branches in 78 countries. The L.A. branch opened in 1983 and is located at 5750 Wilshire Blvd, Suite 100. For information and/or tickets to Goethe events call (323) 525-3383 or visit

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