Caterina In The Big City


Review by Harriett Robbins

Paolo Virzi, writer/director of CATERINA IN THE BIG CITY, brings to the screen a passionate and remarkable tale of the various stratas of society in Italy today.

Caterina, the country-mouse teenager, is brought into this complex world when she moves with her family from an isolated countryside to Rome. Thrust into city life with all its intricacies, this female Candide manages to attract the attention of the reigning Right and Left activists who compete to involve her in their volatile pursuits.

Her father, a disgruntled and vindictive teacher, uses these connections to better his own agenda. Caught in this web, we watch as Caterina experiences both worlds offered to her and finds them wanting. In this voyage of discovery she finds her own way through music, which is her great love. We see some of the other young people around her coming of age as well. Need and solutions are addressed in a refreshing manner.

With broad strokes and compassion, Virzi sketches a portrait of our time which resonates on many levels.

This small but prophetic film is now playing in selected theatres. Look for the DVD release when it is available.