The Up Series


REVIEW by Harriet Robbins

Forty-two years flash by in THE UP SERIES, a unique DVD release by First Run Features. Six films on five discs bring a microcosm of life into full focus.

In 1964, a diverse group of seven-year-old British children gathered under the camera eye of director Michael Apted, who then began filming their dreams and mishaps in seven-year intervals over the ensuing four decades.

Now the entire time span has been encapsulated in THE UP SERIES, bringing forth a social and personal history of the individuals involved.

After viewing this panorama I found that the human spirit prevailed in each of the segments. All through the struggle to achieve their ambitions, compromises had to be made and instincts adapted to each changing situation.

The latest entry in the series, 49 UP, reveals more life-changing decisions and more shocking announcements. Most members of the original group agreed to take part, speaking out on a variety of subjects including love, marriage, career, class and prejudice.

This is a must-see, not-to-be-missed documentary series. 49 UP is playing in select theatres; otherwise the entire collection can be found on DVD.