FEATURE by Harriet Robbins

A refreshing film is ONCE, filled with little gems of wisdom. Boy meets girl on the streets of Dublin: Gus, a musician recovering from a fractured love affair, meets "girl," an East European immigrant facing difficult times. Their love of music binds them, enabling them to take the first steps toward salvation from past problems.

The music they create together leads the way; their relationship develops slowly but heats up. The dreams they have for the future lead them toward a life worth living.

Yes, life can be beautiful; yes, it's possible to dream; yes, sometimes dreams come true. With this positive approach ONCE hits the highs and the lows and comes out a winner.

ONCE is written and directed by John Carney. His actors Glen Hansard and Marketa Iglova bring to their roles a ring of truth in this modern fairy tale from the streets of Dublin. ONCE is a film to cherish as it tugs at your heart and satisfies your soul. A small but mighty film for one and all.