Before The Devil Knows You're Dead


FEATURE ARTICLE by Harriet Robbins

What a treat for film buffs is the latest work by Sidney Lumet, BEFORE THE DEVIL KNOWS YOU'RE DEAD, a Think Film release.

The film depicts in biblical terms the tragedy that develops when two brothers plan to rob their parents' 'mom and pop' jewelry store--a plan that ends in disaster.

Philip Seymour Hoffman gives a flawless performance as the son who plans the robbery. Ethan Hawke equally performs at top level as his partner in crime.

Each character is defined in detail as we follow the storyline. Albert Finney, the father in this saga, contributes a finely tuned interpretation of his own that enhances the entire film. Maria Tomei and the rest of the cast add authentic details to this tale of lust, greed and violence, actions that fill our newspapers and airways all too often in these days of family murders and mayhem.

In this solid and satisfying thriller all the main actors involved are worthy of award consideration.

From his first feature, Twelve Angry Men, to his current work, BEFORE THE DEVIL KNOWS YOU'RE DEAD, Sidney Lumet is indeed a master moviemaker.

The Los Angeles Film Critics Association recently awarded him its 2007 Lifetime Achievement award.