There Will Be Blood


Movie Feature by Harriet Robbins

Paul Thomas Anderson has reached the zenith of his career with his film THERE WILL BE BLOOD. It will absorb and shock you and reach you internally. As with a dose of cod liver oil, you will shudder at its taste, but it will eventually be good for you on multiple levels as it sears your mind and heart. Seeing it is a dynamic, volatile moviegoing experience.

Daniel Day Lewis' riveting (and Oscar-winning) performance sets the pace, aided by a superb ensemble cast.

The forces that have formed our present-day political and economic dynamics are explored and dramatized in fire and brimstone fashion, on an operatic scale.

THERE WILL BE BLOOD joins the elite group of American film classics. Some will love it, others hate it, but it is a film that cannot be ignored. Thanks to its ingredients, it sums up the way we live today, warts and all, as we head toward an uncertain future.