Slumdog Millionaire


MOVIE FEATURE by Harriet Robbins

SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE just won eight Academy Awards (Best Picture, Director, Original Score, Song, Cinematography, Sound Mixing, Adapted Screenplay and Editing). This is an amazing but well-deserved accomplishment, as the film portrays modern-day India with charm and passion.

"Do You Want to Be a Millionaire," the TV quiz show that has captured hearts and minds universally, serves as the launching pad for the film. Its hero, a homeless, poverty-stricken kid from Mumbai's slums, goes on the show and, in classic fairy-tale fashion, wins fame and fortune. At the same time, SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE portrays the bitter reality of India's caste-ridden, exploitive society.

There is much violence and brutality in the movie, but it ends with a dash of hope and redemption, especially where its love story is concerned. With all it has going for it, SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE is cenrtainly the best motion picture of 2008. I'm sure you will agree with me after seeing it.