May/June 2023:
The Anthrax Attack
January/February 2023:
Jazz Fest
November/December 2022:
Stars At Noon
September/October 2022:
July/August 2022:
Salt In My Soul
May/June 2022:
Red Rocker
March/April 2022:
Summer of Soul
January/February 2022:
Man Of God
November/December 2021:
The Mauritanian
September/October 2021:
Martin Eden
July/August 2021:
Route 1/USA
May/June 2021:
March/April 2021:
I Am A Dancer
January/February 2021:
A White, White Day
November/December 2020:
The Tobacconist
September/October 2020:
Blood And Money
July/August 2020:
Lifeline - Clyfford Still
May/June 2020:
March/April 2020:
The Truth
January/February 2020:
The Kingmaker
November/December 2019:
Miles Davis - Birth Of The Cool
September/October 2019:
The Russian Five
July/August 2019:
A Tuba To Cuba
May/June 2019:
Los Angeles Greek Film Festival
The Mary Lou Williams Story
March/April 2019:
January/February 2019:
Never Look Away
Novermber/December 2018:
On Her Shoulders
September/October 2018:
Hitler's Hollywood
July/August 2018:
Saving Brinton
May/June 2018:
Promise At Dawn/Hawaii
March/April 2018:
Bill Frisell: A Portrait
January/February 2018:
The Post
November/December 2017:
September/October 2017:
Urban Hymn
July/August 2017:
May/June 2017:
I Called Him Morgan
March/April 2017:
January/February 2017:
Finding Babel
November/December 2016:
All Governments Lie
Septrember/October 2016:
July/August 2016:
Miles Ahead
May/June 2016:
Eye In The Sky
March/April 2016:
What Happened Miss Simone?
January/February 2016:
A War
November/December 2015:
Beasts Of No Nation
September/October 2015:
July/August 2015:
Keep On Keepin' On
May/June 2015:
The Last Letter
March/April 2015:
John Hughes: A Life In Film
January/February 2015:
Little Accidents
November/December 2014:
28. Annual Israel Film Festival
September/October 2014:
July/August 2014:
Citizen Koch
May/June 2014:
March/April 2014:
The Past
January/February 2014:
The Wind Rises
November/December 2013:
The Cry Of The Butterfly
July/August 2013:
The Longest Journey - The Jews Of Rhodes
May/June 2013:
Something In The Air
March/April 2013:
2nd Los Angeles Turkish Film Festival
The Girls In The Band
January/February 2013:
Beyond The Hills
November/December 2012:
Rust And Bone
September/October 2012:
July/August 2012:
Michel Petrucciani
May/June 2012:
March/April 2012:
A Boatload Of Wild Irishmen
Kawasaki's Rose
King Of Devil's Island
January/February 2012:
In Darkness
November/December 2011:
An Injury To One
My Sweet Canary
Tim Burton
September/October 2011:
Eternity And A Day
My Afternoons With Marguerite
July/August 2011:
The Big Uneasy
May/June 2011:
There Be Dragons
March/April 2011:
Lemmy: 49% Motherf**ker, 51% Son of a Bitch
January/February 2011:
November/December 2010:
A Woman, A Gun And A Noodle Shop
Fair Game
September/October 2010:
Soul Kitchen
July/August 2010:
The Concert
Los Angeles Greek Film Festival
May/June 2010:
I Am Love (Io Sono L'Amore)
March/April 2010:
January/February 2010:
The White Ribbon
November/December 2009:
German Currents
September/October 2009:
Bright Star
July/August 2009:
May/June 2009:
Everlasting Moments
Lemon Tree
March/April 2009:
Blessed Is The Match
Slumdog Millionaire
January/February 2009:
Worlds Apart
November/December 2008:
A Christmas Tale
Filth & Wisdom
A Secret
September/October 2008:
The Exiles
The Visitor
July/August 2008:
Los Angeles Film Festival
Fugitive Pieces
May/June 2008:
March/April 2008:
The Counterfeiters
Palm Springs Festival
January/February 2008:
November/December 2007 :
Blame It On Fidel
September/October 2007 :
No End In Sight
July/August 2007 :
May/June 2007 :
Little Miss Sunshine
Paris, Je T'Aime
The Weeping Meadow
March/April 2007 :
Maxed Out
January/February 2007 :
November/December 2006 :
The Up Series
September/October 2006 :
The Ground Truth
July/August 2006 :
L.A. Film Festival
Only Human
May/June 2006 :
The Diary Of Anne Frank
March/April 2006 :
Joyeux Noel
Our Brand Is Crisis
January/February 2006 :
The Aura
The World
November/December 2005 :
The Dying Gaul
Good Night, And Good Luck
Paradise Now
September/October 2005 :
The Beat That My Heart Skipped
Caterina In The Big City
July/August 2005 :
Chinese Director Scores Again With 2046
The Edukators
The Holy Girl
May/June 2005 :
Inside Enron
Lauren, Tallulah And Roger Corman
The Other Venice Film Festival
January/February 2005 :
The Good War And Those Who Refused To Fight It
November/December 2004 :
I Am David
Lightning In A Bottle
September/October 2004 :
Head In The Clouds
July/August 2004 :
Red Light District
May/June 2004 :
Film Fest In Palm Springs
The Ladykillers
March/April 2004 :
2004 Palm Springs International Film Festival
AFI Film Festival Highlights
November/December 2003:
The Cooler
September/October 2003:
Fiennes Is Fine As Luther
July/August 2003:
Ken Kumai Films   Kurosowa´s Last Script
May/June 2003:
Sweet Sixteen
March/April 2003:
Film Festival In The Desert
House Of Fools
January/February 2003:
A Triumph For The American Film Institute
Only The Strong Survive
Lost In La Mancha
November/December 2002:
All Or Nothing
Almodovar Speaks Low
September/October 2002:
Sixth Annual Latino International Film Festival
July/August 2002:
What To Do In Case Of Fire ?
May/June 2002:
The Fast Runner
April 2002:
Making Rain
March 2002:
Big Bad Love
February 2002:
Greek Films Featured At Palm Springs Festival
December 2001:
No Man´s Land
October 2001:
Va Savoir
September 2001:
Divided We Fall