REVIEW by Willard Manus

ALL OVER THE PLACE, Cynthia Manley's latest CD, is a real winner. The
LA-based singer/songwriter has put together nine songs which showcase
her twin talents in compelling fashion. Known mostly as a hard-rockin',
Janis-like performer, Manley chnages hats here and concentrates on love
songs, some passionate, some lyrical, proud or defiant, but never
trivial or tossed-off. All the material is complex and deeply felt, imbued with her trademark intensity, honesty and musicality. You know that she has lived all these bittersweet tales of love, some of which went well, most of which went south. Manley makes it clear, though, that even if she's been jilted or letdown, she is a survivor and will go on fightin' for real love, no matter what. She is well served by her band and by such first-rate backup singers as Zola Moon, Anne Bertucci and Jessica Williams. Manley's soaring rendition of the classic "At Last" is noteworthy too for Jeff Lewis' trumpet solo. (