REVIEW by Willard Manus

PEACH--THE CURE FOR YOU is the name of a new CD released by a South Bay computer whiz turned singer, Peach Seagall (she's known by first name only now). Though she studied voice at the University of Denver, where she performed with classmate Condoleeza Rice (now in President Bush's cabinet), Peach turned to computer programming after graduation. A success in that field, she quit it recently to return to writing and performing (all five cuts on PEACH are her work).

Sultry is the word for her voice, which also has an appealing, down-home quality that might remind you of Bonnie Raitt. She specializes in songs about love which are wise in the ways of hurt, loss, fidelity and sharing. She even lets you know what it's like to fall in love with a married man. Peach helps herself on some of the cuts by playing acoustic guitar, but most of the best solos are by sax player Jerry Peterson, who also did the simple but effective arrangements.

One nice touch reveals Peach's sense of humor; the CD's sticker reads, "Warning: Accordion Solo Inside."

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