REVIEW by Willard Manus

ZOLA MOON--EARTHQUAKES, THUNDER AND SMILING LIGHTNING. Moon, an LA-based singer, calls her new CD "postmodern music." Whether it's that or blues or rockabilly is arguable; what can't be denied, though, is her talent as singer/songwriter (she plays fiery harmonica as well). Each of the nine cuts on the CD (to order, call 310-542-8307 or visit www.zolamoon.com) makes a strong personal and musical statement. Moon can be hurt at the breakup of a marriage ("Doll House") or by economic hardship ("What's Left") or by the state of the world ("Same Old Story"), but she never gives in to self-pity or despair; she's too tough, ballsy and hip for that. She will keep taking chances on love ("because you only have to win one time"), keep bouncing back and fighting back, because that's her nature; her voice won't be stilled. And what a voice it is, capable of hard-rockin' joy, bitter sorrow, deeply felt love.

Backed up by guitarist Kim Allison, drummer Jerry Dixon and bassist Ron Battle (and such guest artists as pianist Joe Kennedy and vocalist Cynthia Manley), Moon has put together one of the finest CDs of the year.