Gyuto Monks Tantric Choir
REVIEW by Willard Manus

UCLA Performing Arts recently presented at Royce Hall the GYUTO MONKS
TANTRIC CHOIR, an all-male ensemble originally based in Tibet but now
attached to a university in northern India. In order to raise funds to feed and house the 400-odd monks studying under the Dalai Lama at the university, thirteen of the monks have been touring the USA and demonstrating their uncanny and beautiful "throat singing" techniques.

The ceremonial multiphonic chanting comes out of Tantric religious rituals, such as offerings to the combined deities, songs in praise of the Mahakala and the consecration of Buddha. Whatever the impulse, the chanting is like nothing Western ears have heard before--harmonies, colors and voicings that seem to literally come from the top of the world.

Divided into two parts, the program also worked horns and percussion into the second half, resulting in music that kept taking on ever-deepening spiritual and hypnotic qualities.

Nonesuch Records has recorded these monks, whose amazing voices can
also be heard on the soundtrack of the recent Inuit movie, The Fast Runner.

April attractions at UCLA include a concert by renowned Argentine vocalist Mercedes Sosa (April 14) and a three-day visit by Teatro Hugo & Ines (April 4-7). Utilizing mime, dance and puppetry to create an alternate universe, Hugo Suarez and Ines Pasic fashion SHORT STORIES out of scraps and crumbs.

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