A Peach Of A CD
REVIEW by Willard Manus

One of the good things about writing about blues and jazz is that it gives you the chance to praise a performer whose work you admire. A case in point is Peach, a sweet-rockin' mama whose first CD (THE CURE FOR YOU) was reviewed here about a year ago. Now the LA-based singer/songwriter (and guitarist) has released her second album, PEACH--LIVE FROM RIVERSIDE. Taking advantage of having been named Blues Artist of the Year at the 2001 L.A. Music Awards, Peach has moved swiftly to put together a new CD that shows off her unique musical gifts.


Having just seen her at Lunaria's in W. L.A. (where she plays on the third Saturday of every month), it is clear that live performances are her long suit, if only because her warm, down-to- earth qualities come through well, helping to endear her to the audience. (It doesn't hurt either that she occasionally brings her 7-year-old daughter up on stage to play drums behind her). What pleases the crowd most, though, is the way Peach delivers a song. Although she's not a blues-shouter, she is still able to put gritty lyrics across in hard-rockin' fashion. She can also do well with ballads, showing off some golden tones that often are stunning.

Peach also gives her band lots of room to stretch out. With Joey Delgado on guitar, Paulie Cerra on sax, Hardy Eason on keyboards, Maria Martinez on drums and Lynn Keller on bass (the latter is Rita Coolidge's music director), the band's ensemble work is first-rate, ditto the soloing. The band's over-all sound is clean, vigorous and smokin'--blues at its life-enhancing best.

Visit www.peachmusic.com. Lunaria's is at 10351 Santa Monica Blvd., in
L.A. Call 310-282-8870