REVIEW by Willard Manus

Robin Sylmar's A WALK ON THE WILD SIDE ( is just what the title promises--a wild excursion into the Texas blues. Sylmar, who has played backup guitar, bass and steel drums with the likes of Stevie Ray Vaughan and James Harmon, takes center stage on this 15-cut CD, playing and singing with utter abandon. Not only does he favor blistering riffs, amped-up distortion and openly sexual lyrics, he loves to have fun too by suddenly working duck calls or Scottish bagpipes into his numbers.

The vocal quality on A WALK ON THE WILD SIDE leaves much to be desired--Sylmar sometimes sounds as if he's singing next door--but since this is largely an instrumental affair, one which allows the leader and his band (Phil Bennison, bass, bongos, maracas, cowbells), Rex Mauney, (organ & piano) and Kevin Schemerhorn (drums) to play at maximum heat and energy, the CD can still be recommended.

What kind of guy is Sylmar? As he admits in a footnote, he likes "rock n roll bands, one-night stands, chili dogs & beer, kissin' in the ear, sleeping till 3, color tv, rhythm & blues, spiked heel shoes, chicken & rice, whiskey & ice, long, long limousines, skin magazines, life without pain, a woman that's sane, sleepy Ft. Worth and ducks!"