Good Road
REVIEW by Willard Manus
CDave Peck's latest CD, GOOD ROAD, shows the pianist/composer at his best. The eight cuts run an average of seven minutes each, giving Peck the time to explore such classics as "What Is This Thing Called Love" and "Yesterday" with his customary lyricism and sensitivity. Backed by Jeff Johnson on bass and Joe La Barbera on drums, Peck is a thoughtful and introspective artist, one who goes deep into a tune and turns it inside out, always in a fresh and personal way, going off on imaginative harmonic flights that not just reinterpret but reinvigorate the originals, making them seem virginal. Peck's original composition, "The First Song of Spring," is a thing of delicate beauty that suddenly shifts gears midway through and begins to swing, allowing Peck and his colleagues to play in uptempo, spirited fashion.
Peck, who spent many years with Bud Shank, is a stalwart of the northwest Pacific jazz scene. His previous CD, Out of Seattle, was an excellent showcase for him, but GOOD ROAD takes his work to a new level and establishes him as one of the premiere jazz pianists in the country. Visit