In God´s Machine
REVIEW by Willard Manus
The triple-threat performer Markus Apitius has just released a superlative new CD, IN GOD'S MACHINE (Top Of The Hill, UK). Apitius, who writes, sings and plays various instruments on the CD, is based in Germany but works in English, a language he handles with ease, precision and skill. His 11 songs meld a deeply felt, bittersweet view of life with soaring, scifi-tinged music that resonates long after the words fade.

Expertly performed and arranged by Apitius and his band, IN GOD'S MACHINE deals with the struggles of an individual to escape religion's "wheels of steel" and voyage a la Helen of Troy on "a quest for the grail." Illusions (described in Blank Boy) and thwarted desires (Jezebel) put a pall on the journey, but cannot spoil it, not as long as love is still possible (