Made In Chicago
REVIEW By Willard Manus

There's good news tonight--two favorite bands of mine have released new CDs.

MADE IN CHICAGO features the work of Howard and The White Boys. As the title of the Evidence release indicates, the band comes out of Chicago and plays the kind of blues that city has always been famous for--hard-edged, driving and deeply felt. Led by Howard McCullum (bass & vocals), the band features Rocco Calipari and Pete Galanis on guitar, Jim 'Bucka' Christopulos on drums, Daryl Coutts and Dave Friebolin alternating on keyboard. McCullum and Calipari also write songs for the group.

Whether belting out a strictly upbeat number like Walking to My Baby, or a bitter ballads like Walk Away (which deals with the contradictory feelings that come with being in love with a woman you just can't please, no matter how hard you try), or having fun with a party song like Good Booty and BBQ, Howard and The White Boys give their all each time out.

McCullum leads the way on these (and the six other songs). He's a fine singer and a strong leader, but he also gives his crew lots of room to stretch out and play with full strength, especially on Walk Away and Cold Cold Feeling, which each last eight minutes and are musically distinguished from beginning to end.

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