The Music Guild
Review By Willard Manus

The Music Guild continues its first class programming with the Henschel String Quartet on March 28, 29, 30. This group, praised as 'one of the best groups in the world' by Mark Swed of L.A. Times, will perform Beethoven's String Quartet in F Major, Op 135, String Quartet No.2 Op.26 by Ginastera and the D Minor Op. 810 quartet by Schubert. The three venues are Schoenberg Hall in Westwood, Daniel Recital Hall CSU LB and Plaza del Sol P.A.C. For details telephone 323 954-0404 or email Weblink:

The banner of The Music Guild loudly proclaims, "Music Changes Lives." Of course, anyone who attends a concert produced by The Music Guild knows that the composers have created audio landscapes that stretch the boundaries of imagination. But music goes beyond sitting in a darkened concert hall while the sounds flow around you.

The Music Guild brings this music to elementary schools in Los Angeles, introducing the next generation of concertgoers to these timeless compositions. It also donates musical instruments to the schools. It has been proven that the study of music improves students' academic achievement and overall performance. It does this by 1) increasing spatial reasoning, 2) enhancing abstract reasoning skills 3) developing motor skills, 4) increasing social skills and self-esteem, and 5) boosting overall IQ.

Reading music requires a different skill from reading a story. You see the notes on the page and translate that into a sound. You can do that on an instrument or in your imagination. Either way you must be able to grasp abstract reasoning in order to accomplish this.

And music requires concentration and discipline. If you don't pay attention, Mozart could suddenly become unrecognizable. And once you have learned to concentrate on the task at hand, the skill makes it easier to study other subjects.

You can help The Music Guild in its educational programs. Help change a life! To donate, call at 323-954-0404.