Grace Kelly - Live At Scullers
Review by Willard Manus

A star is born. Her name is Grace Kelly and she is a 19-year-old triple-threat talent: vocals, sax, songwriting. She recorded her first CD five years ago but I didn't catch up with her work until her latest CD, GRACE KELLY--LIVE AT SCULLERS, was sent to me recently by her publicist.

Thanks to DL Media for turning me on to her--but above all thanks to Grace Kelly for the great listening experience. Can't remember the last time I was so surprised and moved by the work of a young jazz artist.

The Boston club Scullers is Kelly's second home. She grew up there and made her debut at thirteen, after having studied at Brookline Music School and Berklee. Now she is Scullers' main draw, working at times with her own band, other times with such guest artists as Phil Woods, Lee Konitz and Frank Morgan. So it was only fitting that she recorded this daring and ground-breaking album at Scullers, in front of a madly-enthusiastic audience.

In honor of the occasion, Kelly wrote eight original songs and re-interpreted two classics, The Way You Look Tonight and Summertime, making them sound unlike any other version you've ever heard. Whether singing a gentle love song like Night Time
Star or a bawdy ballad (Ready Set Stay) or a powerful anthem (Searching For Peace), Kelly puts the message across in inimitable fashion. And when she picks up one of her saxophones, she delivers the instrumental goods with equal verve and beauty.

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