Right Hand Rule
Review by Willard Manus

Remember the name of this new band. Led by the triple-threat Mister Jones (lyrics, vocals, alto), RHR has stirred up the musical waters with its debut album, making the Top 40 playlist at the Reverbnation website within days of its release.

Mister Jones wrote six of the seven tracks on the CD, and he leads the way with his voice and horn throughout, giving each tune intensity and urgency. His five-piece band plays with an equal drive and commitment, especially on the anthem-like Bastard Child--the defiant cry of a Black man triumphing over poverty, abandonment, drugs and anger. This is socially conscious, deeply felt music at its best, the kind of music that touches souls and changes lives.

The other songs on RHR are just as strong and moving, ranging from the confessional Me to the raucous Selfish Bitch (the riposte of a jilted, scornful lover). This new disc is as redhot and crackling as a California brush fire. (Available at CDbaby.com, Amazon.com, iTunes.com and Spotify.com)