Markus Apitius - Sinking Fishing Trawlers Off The Coast Of Senegal
Review by Willard Manus

The German musician/composer Markus Apitius has just released a new album which is the crowning achievement of his remarkable career, SINKING FISHING TRAWLERS OFF THE COAST OF SENEGAL. Apitius, joined by Christian Schaal (bass, viola) and Matthias Ebbinghaus (cajon, percussion), delves deep into ten of his own compositions, each one of which has something powerful and important to say about the human condition.

The Cologne-based Apitius not only handles all the vocals on this new release, but plays grand piano, keyboards, guitars, Animoog and thumbjam. He also helped mix the album.
Apitius, who writes and sings in English, shows great versatility on SENEGAL; one of his songs, Dinosaur Eyes (about the break-up of a love affair), has its roots in the blues; another (the anti-war ballad, Boys) has a sardonic, Kurt Weill-like feel to it. The other songs comment on equally universal themes: such as the death of dreams, the tragic plight of a junkie, the madness of our speeded-up lives. At all times Apitius and his band-mates produce some glorious and memorable sounds, sounds that are sometimes other-worldly and eerily beautiful.

It remains for some record company–and/or film producer–to recognize Apitius’ talent by showcasing his work in a major way. He is one of the most important composers of our time.