Albare - The Road Ahead
Review by Willard Manus

Albare (the nom de guerre of Albert Dadon) is a leading Australian jazz musician who until now has been virtually unknown in the USA. That situation should change with the release of THE ROAD AHEAD, on which the guitarist explores his Moroccan/French/Israeli roots with exquisite delicacy and beauty. Albare wrote all of the tunes on the CD, except for Stevie Wonder’s Underjoyed, which is sung by guest vocalist Allan Harris.
Albare, who also serves as director of the Melbourne Jazz Festival and founder of the Australian Jazz Awards, plays both guitar and synth-guitar on THE ROAD AHEAD. His band-mates include Phil Turco on piano, Yunior Terry on bass, and Pablo Bencid on drums. Together these musicians play as one as they bring Albare’s intricate compositions to life.

“The Road Ahead is a prayer for what lies ahead of us,” explains Albare in an album note. “The scales used are borrowed from the Jewish Sephardic Moroccan tradition and we also borrow from the blues tradition, so this makes an interesting fusion and hopefully it translates into an equally interesting listening. In the Sephardic tradition we have a prayer for the road. The Road Ahead is a prayer for the Vision.”

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