Six String Stories
Review by Willard Manus

It’s Joanna Connor’s first studio album in fourteen years. The Chicago-based singer/guitarist has been something of a homebody for the past decade and a half, raising a daughter and gigging locally. But thanks to the world-wide impact of a viral video of her in a bright purple dress playing a fiery slide-guitar solo, Connors is in the public eye again, helped along by the release of SIX STRING STORIES by M.C. Records.
People undoubtedly loved the combination of a woman who looked like somebody’s auntie but performed with ferocious, blood-pounding power. There’s more of the same on SIX STRING STORIES, which features ten tracks, all but two of which were written by Connors and her band-mate, Marion Lance Lewis. The music has a wide range: there are rock and funk tunes, blues and gospel as well. Connors sings and plays with relentless intensity and virtuosity (Guitar World called her “the best, most original blues-based slide guitar player you’re likely to come across today.”)

Her unique interpretation of the torch song “The Sky Is Crying” is worth the price of admission alone. (