Douye - Daddy Said So
Review by Willard Manus

R & B singer Douye fulfills a promise to her late father to become a jazz artist on her new album, DOUYE, which was recently released by Rhombus Records.

The Nigerian-born Douye puts her inimitable vocal style on twelve famous jazz songs by Ellington, Gershwin, Strayhorn, Hammerstein and others, delivering them with scrupulous attention to lyrics and an emotional intensity that is quite remarkable. The emphasis is on ballads, though there are three uptempo tunes that fly high and fast (“All the Things You Are,” “Autumn Leaves” and “Summertime”).

Douye is backed up by several different teams of musicians, all of them first-rate. On “Round Midnight,” for example, she fronts a quartet comprised of Roy McCurdy (drums), John Clayton (bass), Bob Sheppard (horns) and John Beasely (piano). Beasely also produced and arranged the tune. On “Autumn Leaves” an 18-piece studio band led by Angelo Metz does the honors. Metz not only conducted but did the arrangements and played guitar as well.

Douye (pronounced Doe-Yay) has made an impressive jazz debut here, one that would have made her jazz-loving father proud.