Living In Twilight
Review by Willard Manus

Singer/pianist Ariel Pocock has a light, tinkly voice which she employs to good effect on LIVING IN TWILIGHT, her latest album on Justin Time Records. Working with her regular Canadian rhythm section–-Jim Doxas (drums) and Adrian Vedady (bass)-–Pocock puts body and soul into a wide range of love songs, some by such 1930s composers as Cole Porter and Harline/Washington (“When You Wish Upon a Star”). Other composers include Chick Corea, Adele, and Sufjan Stevens.


Pocock makes these standards sound contemporary by altering their tempo, sometimes so radically that you can barely recognize them. Her attack is more straightforward, though, on three of her own compositions–-“So Long,” “Gonzalo’s Melody” and “Hymn”–which are made bold by her piano work.

Pocock wrote “Gonzalo’s Melody” under the influence of the legendary Cuban pianist, Gonzalo Rubalcaba. For enhanced Latin flavor she added Brazilian guitarist Chico Pinheiro to the mix. The latter also sat in on “Saudacoes,” providing the backing for her inspired scatting and swinging.

Pocock has called LIVING IN TWILIGHT a “self-reflective” album, one which has an intoxicating air of mystery. It is certainly all of that and more. (