Organ Monk Blue
Review by Willard Manus

For almost ten years now organist Gregory Lewis has been paying tribute to the musical legacy of the late Thelonious Monk. Commencing in 2010 with "Organ Monk," Lewis has revisited Monk's tunes in four albums, the latest of which is ORGAN MONK BLUE.
And what an album it is, easily one of the finest releases of the year. Lewis, joined by Mark Ribot on guitar and Jeremy Bean Clemons on drums and cymbals, shows his respect and love for Monk's work on this self-produced CD.

Monk was known for his harmonic and rhythmic innovations,
his shifting dynamics and angular attacks, qualities that Lewis matches and even surpasses on ORGAN MONK BLUE, thanks to his expertise on the Hammond B3 Organ. On pieces like "Mysterioso" and "Blue Hawk" (a little-known Monk composition), Lewis amplifies and expands on what Monk has done, making those 50-year
old compositions sound fresh and new, as if they had been written yesterday.

Ribot and Clemons match Lewis's musicianship, showing why they are two of NYC's most in-demand players. Together these three artists have created an album that deserves the highest praise possible.