Dave Stryker/Eight Track III
Review by Willard Manus

Guitarist Dave Stryker completes a trilogy started back in 2013 with his latest release, EIGHT TRACK III. Stryker, joined by longtime band-mates Stefan Harris (vibes), Jared Gold (organ), and McClenty Hunter (drums), revisits and reinvigorates nine classic tunes from the 70s, beginning with Curtis Mayfield's "Move on Up" and concluding with Stevie Wonder's "Joy Inside My Tears."
With arrangements by Stryker and Gold to match the exquisite playing by the quartet, EIGHT TRACK III captivates from beginning to end. Can't remember when I got such jazz-listening pleasure from a CD. The rapport between Stryker & Co. is truly remarkable, whether the band is investigating a slow blues ("We've Only Just Begun") or an uptempo number ("This Guy's In Love With You"). And when guest-percussionist Mayra Casales adds his congas to the mix on five other tunes, joy reigns supreme.

(Davestryker.com or strikezonerecords.com)