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The Industry will mount the world premiere of CRESCENT CITY, a hyperopera by composer Anne LeBaron and librettist Douglas Kearney, from May 10-27, 2012 at Atwater Crossing. Directed by Yuval Sharon, the massive new site-specific production, which audiences will experience in 360-degrees, is set in a mythical cityscape with abstract sets by an extraordinary group of LA-based installation artists. The installations will be on view on select days for the run of the production, then transformed in the evening during performances of the opera.

CRESCENT CITY tells the story of a city in the aftermath of a devastating hurricane. As its inhabitants struggle for survival, the bad waters of an impending new storm bring to life the notorious ghosts of the city's past, including the legendary voodoo goddess Marie Laveau (played by Gwendolyn Brown). Marie pleads with the awakened voodoo gods to save the city. They agree to come to her aid on one condition: they must be able to find one good person among the ragtag and desperate citizenry. Thus, CRESCENT CITY becomes a travelogue in search of the one who will make the city worthy of salvation.

Anne LeBaron's score incorporates an otherworldly brew of electronica, bluegrass, jazz and improvisation. The production features a live 16-piece orchestra (including "Timur and the Dime") with such diverse instrumentation as laptop, chromelodeon, and shakuhachi.

"I'm excited by the different ways audiences will be able to experience the work," said director Sharon. "Letting imaginations run wild when the space is open during the day should increase people's curiosity about how the opera plays out at night."

Atwater Crossing is located at 3245 Casitas Ave, LA., CA 90039. Spanning five industrial buildings across two city blocks, it houses an array of creative offices, studios, workshops and theatres. Atwater Crossing Kitchen serves wood-fired, Mediterranean-inspired fare and is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner (

Visit at for CRESCENT CITY tickets and information.

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