News for January/February 2017

MOZART AND STRAUSS AT L.A. OPERA Two classic operas, one by Mozart, the other by Strauss, will be performed by Los Angeles Opera in January and February, both conducted by James Conlon.

Directed by James Robinson, THE ABDUCTION FROM THE SERAGLIO will run Jan. 28, Feb. 4, 8, 16, 19m. Sung in German by Aleksander Kurzak, Joel Prieto, So Young Park, Brenton Ryan and Morris Robinson, the opera has been set on the Orient Express in the Roaring Twenties, blending Mozart’s music with the flavor of a classic Hollywood comedy. The “Houston Press” described this production as “the work of a vaudeville visionary with deep understanding of Mozartian tone.”

Strauss’s SALOME will open on February 18 and play for five performances after that, with Patricia Racette taking on the role of the tempestuous Judean princess, Salome. Sir Peter Hall directs a cast which also includes Tomas Tomasson (as John the Baptist), Allan Glassman, Issachah Savage and Gabriele Schnaut. Based on the play by Oscar Wilde, SALOME will be sung in German with English subtitles.

For tickets and information, call 213-972-8001 or visit

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