News for January/February 2022


Los Angeles Opera will launch its 2022 season with a company premiere of ST. MATTHEW PASSION by Johann Sebastian Bach, conducted by James Conlon. Performances are March 12-27 at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion.

Awe-inspiring in its complexity, universal in its appeal, Bach’s ST. MATTHEW PASSION is considered by many to be the single greatest masterpiece of Western sacred music, a profound and moving depiction of the final days of the life of Jesus.
John Neumeier, the celebrated choreographer who made his LAO debut with “Orpheus & Eurydice” in 2018, returns to L.A. with one of his signature creations, a ballet that has been praised by audiences around the world.

Marrying the powerful music and narrative with dance in complete harmony, Neumeier fills the stage with unforgettable movement and images. The extraordinary dancers of Hamburg Ballet will join forces with LAO’s formidable orchestra and chorus-–plus a team of brilliant vocal soloists–-to bring ST. MATTHEW PASSION to life in what promises to be a spellbinding and memorable performance.

(For tickets and information call 213-972-8001 or visit

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