News for January 2002:

BITOLA, MACEDONIA-- This university city (population 100,00) is a
surprisingly active center of culture. The recent site of an international classical music festival, Bitola also mounted a production of Shakespeare's Love's Labor's Lost, directed by Ljupco Gjorgievski, which many European critics praised highly.

"Working on a miniscule budget by European standards, the director kept
the action moving swiftly and lightly, and collaborated with designers
Blagoj Mitsevski and Valentin Svetozarev on costumes and decor that
radiated life and spirit," reported the International Herald Tribune.

"The young actors, most of them recent graduates from the Drama Academy
in Skopje, perfectly handled the difficult text, a mixture of mirth and
melancholy," commented another reviewer.

"At this moment we have some 30 young people of Bitola studying at
dramatic schools all over Europe. This theatre, one of the oldest in the Balkans, is providing itself with a future," said Gjorgtevski.

Bitola, the second largest city in Macedonia, is located 10 miles north of the Greek border town of Florina. The city was the Turkish regional capital during the Ottoman empire. About ten per cent of the city's population is Albanian. Relations between the Slavs and Albanians are still tense--violence erupted a year ago-- but in the face of all this anger and strife, the show manages to go on.

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