Masha No Home


LOS ANGELES -- Generational and cultural clashes within the Korean-American community are well dramatized in the West Coast premiere of MASHA NO HOME, a drama by 28-year-old playwright Lloyd Suh now on tap at East West Players. Central to the story is a $30,000 kae--an off-the-books kitty meant to give recent Korean arrivals a grubstake in NYC. Its presence triggers a tug of war between Annabelle, a rebellious teenager played by Julia Morizawa, and her older brother, Whitman (Eddie Shin), a workaholic lawyer obliged to care for her after the death of their parents.

Annabelle, who only wants out of the house and suburbs, cares nothing for the money--that is, until her East Village hipster Chinese-American boyfriend Felix (Teddy Chan Culver) pushes her to snatch it, pointing out that if she doesn't, Whitman will use it to help pay off his mortage. This shocks Whitman's wife Masha (Esther K. Chae), who is Korean-born and a traditionlist where the kae is concerned--morally, it should only go to the needy. The siblings' fight over the money becomes a fight between right and wrong, old and new values, and therefore takes on a universality and depth that radiates far beyond mere domestic drama. Writing, acting and directing come together in this most impressive production.

East West Players, 120 Judge John Aiso St., Little Tokyo. Call (213) 625-7000 x20 or visit