The Green Room

REVIEW by Willard Manus

THE GREEN ROOM by Beverly Olevin is a backstage comedy at Theatre 40 about four warring actors who are six months into a successful production of The Murder of Jean Paul Marat. Philip (David Hunt Stafford) is an old pro suffering from miniscule self-esteem; Ian (Drew Wicks) is the vain but talented star; Lisa (Kathrin Nicholson) shares not only top billing but his bed; Beth (Nanette Hennig) is a highly ambitious--and over-sexed--ingenue. Sean Cox plays a gay, much-put-upon stage manager.

The plot involves Hollywood producers, two knives, a bathtub and the imminent closing of the show. It's all very light, daffy and predictable, but director Jon Lawrence Rivera and his skilful cast do wonders with the material. (310) 364-0535 or visit