Fools In Love

Review by Willard Manus

A little gem of a play about love sacred and profane, serious and comic, FOOLS IN LOVE features seven actors, all women, interpreting the short stories of Evelyn Duboff. Written for the page, the stories have been transformed into a series of bright, bubbling theatrical scenes by director Whitney Rydbeck and his gifted cast. Sometimes working solo, other times in tandem (or as an ensemble), the actors investigate Luboff's takes on the dating game, the battle of the sexes, and the pursuit of love with much gusto, joy and skill. The laughter, stemming from the shock of recognition, is almost non-stop.

Running an hour and fifteen minutes, FOOLS IN LOVE is presently on tap Sunday afternoons only at the Odyssey Theatre (the $25 ticket includes pre-show tea & scones), but thanks to its many charms and pleasures it will undoubtedly be seen in many more venues to come.

The ensemble, by the way, includes Alison Brie, Mary Beth Manning, Sandi Massie, Raina-Simone Moore, Erin Noble, Kate Siegelbaum, Andrea Walker and Lee Wylde.

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