Window Of Opportunity

Review by Willard Manus

Samuel Warren Joseph's WINDOW OF OPPORTUNITY pokes angry but satirical fun at the greed and amorality infecting corporate America today. Joseph's black comedy, now in its world premiere run at the Met Theatre, is set in a hunting lodge where two bigshots, CEO Roger Sizemore, the blusteringly amoral Matthew Kimbrough, and his smarmy chief accountant Carl Everett (Phil Proctor), have invited protege, Peter Miller (Randy Irwin) up for the weekend. Miller is young and idealistic, traits they intend to corrupt (with booze, sex and bonuses) so that he'll take over--and save--a tainted wing of the company.

The shark-like behavior of Sizemore and Everett is lampooned by the playwright, especially when two hookers (Hollace Star and Roxana Brusso) arrive, followed by their pimp (Ty Granderson Jones), and the action becomes raw, raunchy and violent. Joseph tosses a new plot device into the mix; it's far-out but does serve to give needed depth to the farcical proceedings.

Director Billy Hayes keeps the action popping, helped by Jeff Robinson's lavish set and D. Martyn Bookwalter's impeccable light design. John Densmore (of The Doors) co-produced with Winship Cook.

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