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July 30th, 2008
CHARLIE CHANG AND THE MYSTERIOUS SALAMI, book and lyrics by Anne Berlin, music by Andy Cohen and imaginative direction by Tony Spinosa, part of the Bad Musicals Festival, is a spoof of a Charlie Chan movie of the ‘30’s and ‘40’s-- a silly, clever, absurd, totally entertaining farce. Its ridiculing of every possible ethnic group or orientation is directed, choreographed and performed with great style by a large talented very professional cast of real singers who can move.

It’s on a double bill with HENRY & HYDE. If you’re smart, stay for the Entre Acte— the lovely, amazing Jessica Delfino who, with the sweetest smile, sings the filthiest songs in town. She’s hilarious. Then split and save yourself from an inept, tedious, endless bore.

Richmond Shepard-- Performing Arts INSIDER and

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