Stick Fly

Review by Willard Manus

In STICK FLY, now running at the Matrix Theatre in a West Coast premiere, playwright Lydia R. Diamond looks at an African-American family from a fresh and revealing perspective. The LeVays are a successful and privileged clan who vacation annually in a historic and exclusive enclave on Martha's Vineyard, one which dates back to 1834.

Diamond, aided by director Shirley Jo Finney and a stellar cast that includes Chris Butler, Avery Clyde, Tinashe Kajese, Terrell Tilford, John Wesley and Nichole Briana White, probes the dynamics of this seemingly harmonious family and uncovers some festering secrets. Infidelity, sibling rivalry, issues of class and status, a black/white love affair--STICK FLY packs lots of drama into its 2 1/2hr length, but always in a visceral, moving way. (323) 960-7749 or