Reviews from Los Angeles
January/February 2023:
Little Theatre
November/December 2022:
Eisenhower: This Piece Of Ground
July/August 2022:
Thom Pain (based on nothing)
May/June 2022:
March/April 2022:
it's alive, IT'S ALIVE!
January/February 2022:
The Children
November/December 2021:
The Enigmatist
July/August 2021:
A Bintel Brief
March/April 2021:
The World Is My Home - The Life Of Paul Robeson
March/April 2020:
January/February 2020:
Bad Habits
November/December 2019:
Between Riverside And Crazy
September/October 2019:
July/August 2019:
Butcher Holler Here We Come
May/June 2019:
Crime And Punishment
March/April 2019:
Lights Out - Nat "King" Cole
January/February 2019:
Come From Away
November/December 2018:
Radiant Vermin
September/October 2018:
Ain't Too Proud
July/August 2018:
Our Very Own Carlin McCullough
May/June 2018:
A Shakespeare Jubilee!
March/April 2018:
The Flying Lovers Of Vitebsk
January/February 2018:
The Heart Of Robin Hood
November/December 2017:
The Red Dress
September/October 2017:
Arsenic And Old Lace
July/August 2017:
I Am Not A Comedian
May/June 2017:
March/April 2017:
Fun Home
January/February 2017:
November/December 2016:
Other People's Money
September/October 2016:
Dutch Masters
July/August 2016:
The Eccentricities Of A Nightingale
May/June 2016:
Father Comes Home From The Wars, Parts 1, 2 & 3
March/April 2016:
The Mystery Of Love & Sex
January/February 2016:
The Bridges Of Madison County
Not That Jewish
November/December 2015:
Nat Turner: Following Faith
September/October 2015:
Marriage, Babies And The End Of The World
July/August 2015:
Satchmo At The Waldorf
May/June 2015:
March/April 2015:
The Price
Shen Yun Performing Arts 2015
January/February 2015:
November/December 2014:
March/April 2014:
Man In A Case
A Midsummer Night's Dream
January/February 2014:
The Steward Of Christendom
November/December 2013:
September/October 2013:
Histoire D'Amour Edinburgh Review
May/June 2013:
American Buffalo
March/April 2013:
The Agony And Ecstasy Of Steve Jobs
January/February 2013:
Other Desert Cities
November/December 2012:
G ( ) D ( ) T
In The Red And Brown Water
September/October 2012:
Elephant Room
July/August 2012:
War Horse
May/June 2012:
In Paris
March/April 2012:
The Fall To Earth
January/February 2012:
November/December 2011:
Glasgow, Scotland - One-Acts At The Tron
September/October 2011:
The Elaborate Entrance Of Chad Deity
Trojan Women (After Euripides)
July/August 2011:
Blood Wedding
May/June 2011:
Burn The Floor
March/April 2011:
The Author
January/February 2011:
November/December 2010:
Imagine Toi
Neighbors - A Play With Cartoons
September/October 2010:
Edinburgh Festival Review: Lidless
July/August 2010:
South Pacific
May/June 2010:
Bengal Tiger At The Baghdad Zoo
Nightmare Alley
March/April 2010:
The Female Of The Species
The Subject Was Roses
January/February 2010:
Palestine, New Mexico
November/December 2009:
September/October 2009:
Edinburgh Festival Reviews: The Dentist, Faith Healer
July/August 2009:
Theatre Is Alive And Well In San Francisco
May/June 2009 :
Ain't Misbehavin' - The Fats Waller Musical Show
The Seafarer
Stick Fly
Voice Lessons
March/April 2009 :
Taking Steps
Time Stands Still
November/December 2008 :
Desperate Writers
George Gershwin Alone
September/October 2008 :
The Accomplices
Last Tango With Marlon
July/August 2008 :
Shel Silverstein Uncensored
May/June 2008 :
Black & Bluestein
Jackie Mason - The Ultimate Jew
The Time Of Your Life
March/April 2008 :
The Bald Soprano
The Brig
The Flu Season
Orson's Shadow
Some Girl(s)
January/February 2008 :
Attempts On Her Life
Grand Delusion
Girls Night: The Musical
The History Boys
Love Loves A Pornographer
November/December 2007 :
Avenue Q
The Chicago Conspiracy Trial
Sucker-Punch Hug-A-Lug
Tug Of War
September/October 2007 :
The Catskill Sonata
Some Greeks Are Not In The Restaurant Business
July/August 2007 :
The Backroad Home
Blithe Spirit
How The Other Half Loves
Walk'n Through The Fire
May/June 2007 :
The Dance: The History Of American Minstelry!
Sliding Into Hades
March/April 2007 :
UG - The Caveman Musical
Who´s Afraid Of Virginia Wolf?
November/December 2006 :
The Bacchae
September/October 2006 :
Jamaica, Farewell
Omnium Gatherum
Water & Power
July/August 2006 :
A Chorus Of Disapproval
The God Of Hell
One Way Ticket To Hell
Without Walls
May/June 2006 :
All My Sons
The Black Rider
First Monday In October
The Force Of Change
Pound Of Flesh
Window Of Opportunity
March/April 2006 :
Boston Marriage
Farewell, Miss Cotton
Fools In Love
The Importance Of Being Earnest
Mr Kolpert
Permanent Collection
January/February 2006 :
Lewis And Clark Reach The Euphrates
November/December 2005 :
Edinburgh Festival: Please click here for a review of this year´s Edinburgh Festival
"Blood! Love! Madness!"
Mother On Fire
The Vaudevillians
July/August 2005 :
I Am My Own Wife
Melancholy Play
Stuff Happens
The Arab-Israeli Cookbook
Two Gentlemen Of Corona
When Worlds Collide
May/June 2005 :
Play Without Words
Standing By
You Can´t Take It With You
March/April 2005 :
The Green Room
The Kafka Thing
January/February 2005 :
School For Scandal Still Tickles
November/December 2004 :
Edinburgh Festival: Please click here for a review of this year´s Edinburgh Festival
2 Across
Aroline, Or Change, A New Musical
The Constant Wife
The Foreigner
The Swallow Song
Ventriloquism Is Alive And Well In L.A.
Wrong Turn At Lungfish
September/October 2004 :
An Infinite Ache
Little Shop Of Horrors
Lonesome West
The Man With Bogart´s Face
July/August 2004 :
Master Class
One World
Patriot Act
Stones In His Pockets
Thoroughly Enjoyable Millie
May/June 2004 :
Bug (New York)
Dinah Was
Gilbert Minus Sullivan (New York)
Hard Times
Jumpers On Broadway (New York)
Things We Do For Love
March/April 2004 :
Chekhov x 4
Dirty Blonde
Ma Rainey´s Black Bottom
Topdog/Underdog At The Taper
January/February 2004 :
A Comfortable Truth
Like Jazz
Loose Ends In L.A.
The Wind Cries Mary
November/December 2003:
A Yank In Hooligan´s Land
Far Away At The Odyssey
Guy Zimmerman´s Inside Job
Improbable Theatre´s Hanging Man
Masha No Home
September/October 2003:
Anna In The Tropics
August Wilson´s Gem
Kushner In Kabul
Six Characters Looking For A Writer
Women Out Of Time (Boston Theatre Review)
May/June 2003:
Boy Gets Girl
DeLillo´s Valparaiso At Sacred Fools
Fassbinder´s First Play
Ten Unknowns At The Taper
Tibi´s Law
March/April 2003:
Neil Simon´s Rose And Walsh
Reunion In Prague
January/February 2003:
A String Of Pearl
Big River Rides High At Taper
Morning´s At Seven
November/December 2002:
Catching Up With The Catskills
Circus On Campus
In These Times
Love, British Style
The Other America, Revisited
September/October 2002:
Animal Farm; The Musical
Ayckbourn´s Communicating Doors
Blast! Blasts Off At UCLA
International Theatre
Marcel Marceau: Still Going Strong
Theatre 40 Mounts A Splendid Edition Of Collected Stories
The Penis As Puppet
July/August 2002:
The House Of Bernada Alba, Updated
Busch League Play At The Ahmanson
Publish Or Perish
May 2002:
A Polish Experiment
KiIl Your History - A Manifesto In Performance

The Architect And The Emperor Of Assyria
Richard III
April 2002:
Beachwood Drive
The Girl In The Flammable Skirt
The Blue Room
March 2002:
Contentious Minds
Into The Woods
Moliere At The Taper
Playwright In A Pulpit
February 2002:
A Mime´s Life
Dog Mouth
Sisters Matsumoto
January 2002:
My Old Lady
Shakn´, Part One
December 2001:
Do Jump!
The Gertrude Stein Project,
An Evening Celebrating The Writing Of Gertrude Stein
November 2001:
October 2001:
Kiss Me, Kate
September 2001:
The Vagina Monologues
In Real Life