News September/October 2003


British Airways has issued the following suggestions to make your next flight abroad comfortable and healthy:

--Ba a mover. Try not to sit too long. When convenient, get up and move about the cabin and stretch your arms and legs.

--Eat lite. Eat sparingly and drink plenty of water. Go easy on alcohol, coffee and tea.

--Spoil yourself. Indulge in some moisturizer to keep skin feeling fresh.

--Sleep it off. Help your body cope better when traveling to new time zones by taking every opportunity to sleep en route. Every little nap will help. And don't forget to remove your contact lenses before snoozing.

Some recent BA enhancements, available on most flights from North America, include:

--World Traveller Plus, the premier economy cabin, offers just five rows of seats for a more private travel experience, plus wider seats and 7" more seat pitch for added comfort.

--Club World offers passengers flat beds in business class, allowing one to catch up on work in the upright position, recline a bit to enjoy a meal and movie, and to stretch out for a refreshing night's sleep.